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How to improve my day by using Contact Lists

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Hey peeps!

For those who don’t know me, I’m a sucker for productivity. Small little adjustments we can do to our daily activities that will speed them up even if just a little bit.

Now, who amongst us hasn’t had to go recurrently through a list of team members and add them one by one as guests to a new meeting? I know I have.

Worst! After a certain number, we actually tend to forget to add people to meetings. Or even add the wrong people to meetings because we mistype one letter.

One of the things I started doing that helped me overcome this problem once and for all what to create contact lists. I started creating lists with the names of the teams, or specific contexts that made sense to me, and every time someone joined or left the company/project I would update this list.

From that point onwards, every time I created a meeting all I had to do was to invite a contact list and everyone included in that list would automatically be included in the meeting.

Even though it’s a small tip it really made a difference in my daily meeting bookings.

Since we use Google Suite these instructions are focused on its products.

  1. Go to your contacts
  • Go to https://contacts.google.com
  • Ensure that you’re connected with the right account (top right corner should show which account is connected)
  1. Create a label
  • Left menu click on “+ Create Label”
  • Name it your team or project
  1. Search for a contact
  • On the top middle bar search for a contact name
  • Upon finding it click on it and a modal will open
  1. Add contact to Label
  • With the modal open click the 3 dots (top right corner of the modal, third icon) to show more options
  • The second part of the menu is called “Change Labels”
  • Select the labels you want that contact to belong to
  1. Go to your calendar
  • Go to https://calendar.google.com
  • Ensure that you’re connected with the right account (top right corner should show which account is connected). It needs to be the same that you created the contact list with.
  1. Create a new meeting
  • Top left corner click on “Create”
  1. Add contact lists to that meeting
  • On the guest list add the name of the label you created
  • Notice the popup you should have a group of users to represent a different icon
  • Verify that multiple people were added to the meeting

The thought behind the productivity tip should work on other systems like Outlook.

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Title Photo by Bich Tran from Pexels

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